From Paita to the world.

Our history begins in 1985, with an entrepreneurial dream in artisanal fishing. This dream materialized over time, until it was consolidated in 2007, when FISHOLG was founded as an exporter of frozen fish products. Two years later, in November 2009, we started to operate in our modern 4’500 m2 processing plant, processing fish products such as giant squid, mahi mahi, scallops, silverside, loligo squid, etc.

We always look at the customer with a focus on their needs and, to this end, we strive to be recognized as a reliable manufacturer. For this reason, we are one of the first companies to be certified BRC, HACCP, SMETA; since an adequate management policy is demonstrated with certifications that guarantee continuous improvement, complemented with a good financial management aimed at reinvestment and thus grow in technology, markets, clients, etc. Although none of this would have any value if we did not have a highly professional and fully trained team.

All this allows FISHOLG to remain committed to its community and to sustainable and responsible fishing; and to continue on the road to becoming a benchmark among Peruvian companies in the fishing sector.